May 17th, 2011


Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by. Sooo, whats new in the swimming pool industry? People are all about energy saving and salt water pools now. We are replacing older 1 - 2 hp pumps with .5 horsepower and getting equal flow rate with much energy savings. Also, variable speed pumps are hot. If you have special water needs such as water falls, solar, or a hot tub, a variable speed pump may save you a fair amount on your PG&E. Go here to see a cost savings calculator. It works by only moving your water at the rate it needs to efficiently operate various add ons.

Pentair pool systems


I have a number of pools that have switched to salt water. They are all happy so far, and I have systems scheduled to go in this summer. This is how it works. You have to add salt to your pool, to establish a salt residual of around 3000ppm. There is a cell that is installed at the equipment pad that creates chlorine when the salt water passes through it. A control box controls the amount of chlorine produced. One model even has a 'super chlorinate' button to super chlorinate the pool. Salt seldom has to be added. It only disipates with draining, rain water, etc.

Aquarite Salt chlorinators

With the rising cost of gas heat, solar is an efficient, effective way to heat your pool. Ideally you want to equal 60% of your pool surface in solar panels. So, for every 100 sq. ft of pool surface, you want 60 sq. ft of solar panel. They come in 4' x 8', 4' x 10', and 4' x 12'. There are other size options available too. For maximum heat, your panels should be facing south. If that is not possible, East and West, North is not recommended without alot of panels.


Jandy PDA/Aquapalm

Control your Jandy Aqualink system by wireless remote control! Available as an upgrade to existing Aqualink RS or Onetouch systems. Or as a replacement for older out dated systems. Control pool lights, solar, spa jets, heaters, water features, maybe even your neighbors pool! Note: if that happens call us quick and shut their heater off!!



Having any problems with your pool? We offer a VERY thorough selection of owners manuals. If you need a pool related manual that is not offered on our site yet, let us know, we will do what we can to get it for you.

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